2 July 2011

Money Savers

Living on a shoestring budget means sometimes getting creative and just finding ways of doing things that save money.  Here are some things on my list, though I'm sure I'll forget some things.  Feel free to add to the list!
  • Hang clothes to dry.  We don't even own a dryer any more, but even when we did it was rarely used.
  • Get meat with bones in order to make your own stock.  We always get bone-in chicken pieces so I can make chicken stock.
  • Dry your razor after use.  If you dry it off, it stays sharp a bit longer.
  • Freecycle.  This is useful both for clearing things out and getting things you might need.
  • Recycle clothes.  I'm finding it easier than I thought to turn old trousers into skirts.  I also have some older shirts and such that I'm going to try to cut down for clothes for the kids.  
  • Forage.  For me this mainly entails picking the blackberries that grow by the train tracks, but there's also rosemary growing, as well as other plants.  I suppose I could also put all those nettles in the back garden to good use, too.  
  • Real nappies.  While the initial cost is more, in the long run they more than pay for themselves if you get a quality brand.  My faves thus far are my trusty bumGenius 2.0s (still going strong!), Fuzzibunz OS and Lollipops.  
  • Bicarbonate of soda & vinegar.  Seriously, these two things are amazing.  My showerhead looks like new after scrubbing it with a soda paste and rinsing with white vinegar.  I use bicarbonate of soda instead of shampoo (rinsing with cider vinegar), and also use a combination of bicarbonate of soda & cornflour instead of deodorant.  
  • No TV service.  We have a television, but it's only used for DVDs and the Wii.  
  • Make your own bread, rolls, crackers, and pasta.  Besides, it tastes better and the house smells great.  Not to mention that you can avoid unwanted ingredients in this way.
Well, I'm sure I've omitted some things, but that's my list for now.  I welcome any more tips!

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