12 July 2011

Charlie Dale

Baba with my dad & uncle. I don't know the date. 
I found myself thinking about my grandmother, Charlie Dale, today.  Sometimes I'm asked if we named Charlotte for her.  We didn't, and in fact I hadn't even thought of that connection until I was asked, but I do like the association.  It's funny, too, because sometimes Charlotte sets her mouth in a way that is just like Baba (what we called my grandmother).  I wish she could've known Charlotte.  In fact, she never met Kieran in person, either, though she got to talk to him on Skype a bit.  Anyway, this post is just to say that I was thinking of her, and missing her, may she rest in peace.

Charlotte, July 2011


  1. Wow! The resemblance is strong!

    I am missing my mom lately, too, so know that I am with you in your sorrow.

  2. Weird, isn't it? The resemblance, I mean. Until my cousin asked if we'd named her after Baba, I hadn't thought of it at all. But she reminds me of her a lot.

    My prayers are with you & your family, too.