26 July 2011

Cooking with Kids

A couple of weeks ago Kieran and I were making crackers.  He loves to help with them, and it's usually fun to have him in the kitchen with me.  I usually give a bowl or pot and spoon to Charlotte so she can pretend to cook, too.  I do have to watch my reactions, because I can get irritated with making a mess in the kitchen.  Well, Kieran and I had measured out the flour and put in the bowl and I'd then turned around to return the flour to its proper location.  When I turned back around, I found this:

My first impulse was to get upset, but I quickly mastered that impulse and realised she just wanted to help.  So I got the camera and laughed instead.  Once I got it cleaned up, we began again, and I just made sure the bowl was set back far enough so Charlotte couldn't reach it.  The crackers were delicious, as always.

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