5 May 2011

Knitting Thursday

There's nothing much to report today.  I've started on the sleeves for Charlotte's dress, but I need to roll up more yarn now.  I'm not quite finished with the raglan portion of my sweater.  Kieran decided that he needs a green sweater, so I started looking through patterns and found a couple of options.  His will be a lighter, sage-y green, and I think I'll use this pattern, or maybe this one.  Which one would you choose?  I'm in no rush, as I imagine it'll be his Christmas present.


  1. I love the Twisted Tree, I keep thinging about making it for Leni.

  2. I showed it to Kieran and he approved, so I'm thinking that's the one I'll do. Can you tell I get bored if I just have one or two projects?