11 May 2011

Be My Echo

If you want to know what things I say a lot, just listen to Kieran.  I actually didn't realise how often I said these things until he started repeating them.  So here's the list:

- Hey, Bart (said to my husband)
- or something (said at the end of a sentence)
- How was your day, love? (said to my husband when he gets home)
- Piggy, it's time for bed, sweetheart (I often say "sweetheart" instead of a name)
- Charlotte, don't climb around at Mass (I say this to Kieran when we're getting ready for Mass)
- I won't have any 'scants (ie: accidents; obviously this is a result of potty training)
- Piggy wake up nice and dry (again, potty training)

It's a good thing I almost never swear, since he's my echo all the time.

1 comment:

  1. So cute! I also say, "...or something" at the end of sentences. I never realized it until Cana started saying it all the time. :)