16 May 2011

Book Nook

We're obviously Julia Donaldson fans here, because we have another one of her books showcased today.  This time it's Charlie Cook's Favourite Book.  Kieran has loved this book, and we recently pulled it back out for Charlotte, who also enjoys it.  As with all her books, her rhymes are catchy and fun, while Axel Scheffler's illustrations are great.  I think he must have some special love for squirrels, though, since I think I've seen one in each book he's illustrated.  I'll have to check now to see if there's one in The Tickle Book, which is written by Ian Whybrow.  I've talked about that one before.  In this book, though, each person is reading a book that somehow features another book, so the next part will tell you about that book, and so on and so forth until it comes full circle.  It's very fun, and I highly recommend it.

As an added bonus this week, you get to see our "book nook".  Until recently, I had the bookcase upstairs in Kieran's room, but the books invariably ended up in the living room.  This weekend I was about to take a big pile of books back upstairs to put them on the shelf when I noticed that both kids were sitting by their doomoo seats thumbing through books.  At that point I decided to bring the bookcase downstairs and put their doomoo seats by it to create their own little book nook.  So far it's a hit.

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