14 May 2011

Charlotte to English dictionary

Now that Charlotte's talking a lot, I end up translating a lot.  So here's the dictionary thus far:

buff = moose
'bert = Firebert, or any cat by extension
cow = car
boo = moo or boo, depending on context
mouf = mouth
off = off or on
kass/gass = kiss
buk = milk or book, depending on context
bye = bye or bite, depending on context
Kahn/Keen = Kieran
bam = lamb
bee(d) = read
bass = Mass
gass = glasses
pay = play
baf = bath
bice = rice
bohne = button
gee = piggy
dow = dinosaur or diaper, depending on context
dah-ing = dancing
cak = snack
cow = car
'pise = Enterprise (as in the Starship Enterprise)
Pa = Papa
mow = meow
cup = cup
whee = anything with wheels or that slides or said when swinging
I want = I want
bu-ee = Mummy
huff/buff = horse
bow = ball
kass = kiss
bu-key = monkey
bom = phone
Pow/PowPow = PowPow (what the kids call my dad) 


  1. You are so lucky! Drunk Monkey still isn't talking much, though he's doing a bit better these days. For some reason, I have late talkers...very late. :(

  2. Each child is different, though. I know one of my cousins didn't talk until really late, but that was just him. He understood everything, as far as I remember, and is great now. I still have to translate a lot for Kieran, though more people are understanding him now. That only started more recently, though.