6 December 2012

Doctors, Doctors, and More Doctors!

Over the past week we've had to take Leo to a doctor's appointment almost daily.  Last week he started projectile vomiting during or right after feeds.  At first I thought maybe it was a stomach bug, but he didn't have a fever and the vomiting seemed random.  So it was that I phoned the doctor last Thursday and took Leo in to be seen.  We saw the NP, and she was quite concerned, since his symptoms could be indicative of pyloric stenosis.

Seeing as it was late afternoon, nothing could be done that day, but the following day found us at the children's hospital for a pyloric ultrasound.  The worst part with that was that Leo had to fast beforehand, but thankfully he was napping and so wasn't too bothered.  We had to wait until evening for the results, where we learnt that he doesn't have pyloric stenosis but does have multiple gallstones!

The NP phoned the following day (I love that our doctor's office is open 24/7) to check on Leo. After consulting with the specialists, she had us come in for a weight check and to discuss the action plan.  The specialists didn't think surgery was warranted, but instead opted to try a medicine to break up the stones. We left with orders to get lab work done the next day while the prescription was called in.

Because they wanted the labs done so soon, we went right after Mass on Sunday.  I hated putting Leo through that; about halfway through I managed to nurse him during the rest. Although the lab tech insisted it didn't hurt him, I beg to differ. Thankfully it is done and hopefully he won't need more.

Monday and Tuesday didn't see us at a doctor's office, but I was on the phone with nurses, schedulers, and pharmacists a lot. His prescription had to be compounded, so it was slightly more difficult to get. We did get it, though, and also got an appointment with the specialist for Wednesday.

The specialist appointment went well, and he confirmed that Leo doesn't need surgery at this point. He is confident the stones will dissolve without much of a problem.  While there isn't a quick fix, this eased my mind considerably.  Hopefully we needn't visit so many doctors in such a short time again.

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