25 December 2012

My Christmas Gift

Although we normally attend the morning Mass on Christmas Day, this year we attended the earlier vigil so we could all go together (my husband was singing at the midnight Mass and thus wouldn't feel up to going to a morning Mass, and I didn't think I could handle all three on my own for the midnight Mass).  The parish was absolutely packed, but because of friends we were still able to sit in the front.  It was a beautiful Mass full of chanting (in English) and incense, and music from the children's choir.

The entrance hymn was "O Come, All Ye Faithful", a song I know quite well. I quelled my urge to sing it in Latin and think of Bing Crosby, instead allowing myself to just focus on the moment and the lyrics. At the refrain, I was given a great gift. I nearly wept for joy at the thought of being able to adore Jesus, and I could barely take my eyes off the Tabernacle, where He dwells for love of us.  That he humbles Himself to appear before us in a lowly manner, just as He also came as a lowly infant, and does this just to be near us - it amazes me!  While I know this all the time, for Christmas God gave me the gift of truly feeling that truth.  I'm sure if people had looked at me, they might've wondered what was wrong to make me cry.  Yet nothing was wrong, and everything was absolutely right.  It was the perfect start to celebrating the Feast of the Nativity. I hope everyone has as blessed a Christmas.

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