26 November 2012

Book Nook

Looking for a birthday present for Kieran, I stepped into the parish gift shop after Mass and instructed Kieranand Charlotte to play in the narthex. Well, of course they followed me in after a bit, so my plan to get the book in secret failed. Therefore, Kieran received A Children's Book of Virtues by Kay McSpadden early.

Rich Pianka / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA
As those who know me know, I'm very particular about children's books; I think I'm even more particular when it comes to religious books for children.  This one met with my approval, though. It contains abridged versions of various fables, myths, novel excerpts, and historic persons.  Each excerpt is included to teach about a certain virtue and can either be a stand-alone story or used as a starting point for the parent to teach more on that topic.  I love that it includes some classics such as excerpts from The Odyssey, Don Quixote, and Les Miserables.  Historical events include St Martin de Porres' life and Roland fighting for Charlemagne (an excellent reason to break out "The Song of Roland", though that chronicles a different battle).

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