20 September 2012

Crafty Thursday

I'm very happy to be past the barn on the playmat!  This means I only have one colour (two strands still, since I'm double-stranding the yarn to get the right weight).  Now if my mother's cat would stop chewing the yarn. . .

The majority of my time this week, though, has been spent making diapers.  I ordered more PUL from Diaper Sewing Supplies after someone else told me she'd gotten her PUL from there.  I also ordered some microfleece from them, as I think that'll be much better than using flannel for the lining - it'll definitely be softer.  And since I ordered a chocolate brown, it won't show stains, which is a bonus.  Because I spent over $15, I qualified to receive a free gift.  They gave me some choices, and I chose the scrap PUL.  The blue with farm animals on it is the scrap I received, and I love it.  I can't quite get a whole diaper out of it, but I can easily sew some of the red with it (I've become quite adept at French seams in piecing together the two patchwork diapers shown above).  I can get almost four complete diapers out of the red, with lots of scraps left over.  I think I can get three of the cow print.  And of course I'll piece together the scraps to make more.  Waste not, want not, in my opinion.

I also decided to go with KAM snaps instead of the metal ones I was using.  The metal ones were driving me insane, as only 50% of them were going in correctly, and some were even tearing the PUL.  But I didn't want to get the Babyville snap pliers or snaps, as I'd heard they weren't as good.  So I went on Amazon and found a seller in their marketplace and got their snaps and pliers.  They allowed me to choose two different colours, so I got green and brown, and I'm quite pleased with them.  I've had absolutely no problems with them working, unless I make a mistake, which is rare, as they're easy to use.  Honestly, before doing this my sewing skills weren't the best.  I wasn't a complete novice, but neither was I a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination.  While sewing with PUL does have a learning curve, I've found these to be fairly easy, and I'm learning new tricks with each one, it seems.  I'm quite pleased with how they're turning out.

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