13 September 2012

Crafty Thursday

 The diaper I made tested well on an adorable little girl I know, so I went ahead and cut out two more.  The only suggestion I was given was to change the snap layout on the tabs a little, and I agree, so I did change it on the one I made today.  I am going to be switching to KAM snaps after this diaper, though, as I'm having problems with these snaps not working well with the PUL.  I love this print and could easily make more like it.  Now that I'm used to the pattern, the sewing itself went faster, and even the leg elastic went fast.  I have hope that the other snaps will go faster, too, since I expect them to work a bit better. 

I'm still working on the playmat, too.  I'm very happy to be past the red part of the barn, as the red was annoying me some with its penchant for tangling.  I still have plenty of green and so I can make it as long as I wish after the barn, really.  

I can't take credit for this last one, but I want to show off my mother's handiwork.  She saw this pattern some time ago and got the yarn just because she wanted to try it out.  Charlotte decided that it's a fairy dress (she gets rather offended if you call it a skirt, in fact).  The skirt turned out well, as you can see (and yes, she takes orders).

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