17 September 2012

Book Nook

Today was library day, oh exciting day! It was made even more exciting by a certain 2-year-old running off a few times . . .

After she got that out of her system, though, we settled in to search for books. I randomly chose an aisle, and we started looking.  A book caught my eye, because we have the first book in that series.  In fact, I had no idea there were more books in the series until today.  What I did know is that our children have greatly enjoyed Melanie Watt's Chester, and so I figured they would also enjoy Chester's Back by the same author.  I may even like this one more than the original. Chester, the silly cat who is determined he can make a better story than the author, is back in this book with more of his own ideas, which inevitably backfire.  It's another fun read.

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