27 September 2011

Off the Clock

"What time is it?" seems to be a constant refrain from me.  When I'm at home, I find that I pay much attention to the time and think of what ought to happen at what time.  I can even get a bit put out if whatever I think ought to happen at that time isn't happening.

This past weekend, however, I lived off the clock.  I no longer have a watch, and haven't for some time, but at home we have clocks, or I'm on the computer and see the time, and I use my phone for the time when I'm out. Well, I hadn't packed my phone charger (we were visiting a friend in another city) and the battery was running low, so I kept the phone off the majority of the time so I could use the phone if needed.  We were out of the house quite a lot, so I didn't have ready access to a clock.  I soon found that I forgot about the time and just went with the flow.  We ate when hungry, and not according to the time, for example.  I found it to be very relaxing to just do things as and when needed instead of thinking about the time.  I know it's not always possible to do that, since some things happen at definite times, but it is nice to just ignore the clock a bit.

Now that I'm home, I'm already finding that I'm going back to watching the clock more.  However, since I no longer have my laptop, maybe I can still be off the clock some, since I won't be constantly checking the time on a computer.

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