8 September 2011

Crafty Thursday - Guest Post from Mrs 2nd Lieutenant

 Today Mrs 2nd Lieutenant from the blog For Where E'er We Go has graciously shared her crafting with us.  Aren't these trees wonderful?! 
Although it pains me to admit this, because seeing Halloween candy out in August makes me stabby, Advent and Christmas will indeed be here sooner than we think. And, this OCD Advent activity obsessed Mama likes to have as many (if not all) gifts made and purchased by then, particularly because St. Nicholas Day is December 6th!

Thus, the deployment finally comes in handy. Between Alias DVDs from Netfliz (ohemgee, how did I miss this series years ago? So. Good.), I've got nothing but time, time, time, so I've been sewing.


I'm not even sure who this little Christmas Tree farm I've got going will even be for as of yet, but I know I'll need them for somebody. And, I even made an Advent tree - isn't this purple Nativity fabric gorgeous?

Of course, someone wasn't trying to be terribly liturgical since the Three Kings are also on the fabric (purple + baby Jesus = Advent, folks. Epiphany colors are gold and white!) But I just added some pink (excuse me, Father, rose) alternate fabric and its perfect!

Honestly, I'm seriously considering keeping this for me. We'll see.

Also, I have some babies being born - friends and neighbors are due soon - so I made some minky cuddle blankets.

boy blanket and girl blanket, both with green dot minky backs. yum!

Did you know how expensive minky fabric is? I definitely did not. Thank goodness for end of the bolt discounts slash Joann coupons or these babies would have been snuggling some flannel and fleece!

Its been nice sewing, stuffing, resewing, handsewing and slipping and sliding sewing (that minky!) all these fun little projects lately. I'd been away from my machine for a while doing these sorts of crafty things instead.

My next project, as soon as I can get back to the fabric store, is All Saints for the boys - Sons of Thunder, complete with fishing net (hopefully. If I can find some.)

What have you crafted lately?

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