12 April 2011

What Kind of Mother Am I?

I just took this quiz, actually, and got that I'm an INTP.

I'm a "Love of Learning" Mother!

(Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving)

Intellectually curious and patient, I relish those times with a child when we are learning something interesting together.
What's your mothering personality type? Take the MotherStyles quiz at FamilyEducation.com!

   I don't remember what my results were the last time I took one of those Myers-Briggs tests, though I'm sure I've always gotten the "introverted" tag.  This used to mean that I had trouble speaking to others and putting myself in situations where I was meeting new people and being sociable; now it means that I can do those things, but I do feel quite drained unless I hit it off with the other person straight away.  Anyway, I did find that the description seems to fit pretty well, though I'm not sure how patient I am.

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