11 April 2011

Book Nook

This isn't a book my children have, but one I've gotten as a present for another child.  I've always loved Beowulf, and when Kieran was born I was determined to see if there was a version of Beowulf for children.  Personally, I think Prof Caldwell should write one, as I'm sure it would be wonderful.  My father found one and gave it to him, though he's not been too interested in it yet.  Hopefully he will be before long.  Recently, though, I was thinking of getting another copy for a girl I know who is very interested in dragons.  So on to Amazon I went, and while I did find a copy of that one, too, I also came across this one from Usborne.  I like coming across Usborne books, as all the ones I've seen have been really good, and many of them also have internet pages for further research, too, if wanted.

I should add that my children have had some exposure to the Beowulf story, thanks to Star Trek: Voyager. ;-)

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