9 April 2011

Growing Up Fast

It seems that Kieran is suddenly so grown up.  Sure, he still has the normal tantrums at times, but then he's also very helpful with things and is proving to be trustworthy when outside playing.  Without me saying a word, he consistently comments that he needs to get up on the pavement if there's a car coming, and he tries to tell Charlotte to do the same (obviously I get Charlotte out of the way).

Today he tried to help me get rid of the nettles and weeds in the back garden.  After a bit, he wanted to go out into the front to play with the neighbourhood kids, and so I told him that he could provided he stayed in front of our house.  We live at the end of the street, there's very little traffic on it, and he's shown himself to be trustworthy about it.  I therefore decided that he could be trusted to be out there without me for the 5 minutes or less it would take for me to finish in the garden.  As it turned out, another mum was out there, so he wasn't unsupervised, but I hadn't known that.  I'm not ready to just turn him out to play for extended periods of time without an adult present, but for that short time, I think he would've been fine.

His growing independence amazes me, really.  He still needs reassurance from us at times, and, thankfully, still loves snuggling with us, but he's really growing up fast.

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