22 March 2011

Ah, Spring

It's gorgeous here today.  14C and sunny, so of course we've been outside.  A home ed group meets at the playground, so we went there first.  The kids had a blast playing, with both of them loving the slide.  Charlotte tried to climb over the side and up the slide, saying "whee!" as she did so.  I'm very glad we were able to go; I wasn't sure we'd be able to do so since both kids had gone back to sleep a little before 10, but they both awoke by 11 so we were only an hour late.

After leaving the playground we headed to the library and then to the store to get some veg for tonight.  I love walking in this weather, and Kieran was enjoying himself, too.  Charlotte had fallen asleep by the time we got home, and has taken a long nap, but maybe we can get back outside a little later.  I love this weather.

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