12 February 2011

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

"Slow down, you move too fast.
You got to make the morning last.
Just kicking down the cobble stones.
Looking for fun and feelin' groovy." ~Simon & Garfunkel

I was thinking about this when we were out taking a walk on this beautiful morning.  I tend to walk quite fast, whether I'm in a hurry or just on a nice outing, like we were this morning.  I had C on my back, and K was walking beside B behind me.  C kept trying to look back to see them, so I'd stop for a bit for them to catch up, but then I'd commence walking briskly again.  On the way home, though, it struck me that I needed to slow down and enjoy the moment.  I needed to let K move at his pace and explore and play.  He'd brought some cars with him, and at this point he was having them drive on various garden walls.  He'd also brought an owl puppet that was walking along a garden wall at one point.  Once I slowed down, though, I definitely enjoyed the walk much more.  I think C also enjoyed going at a slower pace and being able to really look around and see what her brother and father were doing, too.  Hopefully I can remember to take things slower.


  1. I'm a brisk walker too, it's been the way I've walked ever since I was in elementary school. It's really hard for me to slow down when I'm out walking with the kids. Good reminder, thanks!

  2. I have prided myself for years for walking briskly. I get to class faster than a lot of people at school. Sometimes it's good to smell the roses, but there's something to be said for smirking as you get to the top of a stairway twice as fast as others who got a head start.

  3. Yes, Sean, there are definitely times when it's nice to be brisk. I found it useful in getting to classes or making my way through crowds in London or whatnot. It's become a problem, though, because I know I can easily walk fast enough to get to Mass or catch the train, and I can ask K to run along to keep up, but what he'd love many times is to go slower and have fun in getting there.