9 February 2011

No Two People Are Not on Fire

For the title reference, go here.  It really amazes me how different my children are, and how different they've been from the very beginning, even before they were born.  Obviously I knew that they'd be different, but I really didn't expect that so soon.  From the moment they were born, they've looked and acted different.  Both were born with dark hair (though K's quickly went lighter), but C was born with brown eyes whilst K's were dark blue.  C has a darker complexion than K, too.

But what is more striking is the difference in their personalities from the very beginning.  K was none too pleased when he was born (though I can't blame him, since he'd had a monitor screwed into his scalp and was extracted by ventouse), while C was completely calm (ah, the difference the birth and setting can make).  K wanted to be right next to me, touching me, in order to sleep, but if I was holding him, he would sleep anywhere.  C didn't care if I was holding her - when 20.00 rolled around, she'd better be in bed nursing.  She would not be content being held or nursing with me sitting up.

K has always been a comfort nurser, but C rarely nurses for comfort, instead being all business.  I'm sure at least some of that, though, is due to the fact that she has a sensitive stomach and was quite sensitive to what I ate at first, so feeding wasn't much comfort to her.

They're not completely different, of course.  Both love Star Trek and books and tackling and chasing and roaring.  K likes to teach C about various things, and he even lets her "be a zilla" and destroy the train tracks sometimes.  (He imitates her in that at times, too).  They are their own persons, though, and it's great.

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