10 February 2011

Knitting Thursday

Well, I'd hoped to have a jubilant post today, to either have completely finished B's sweater or to at least have gotten one sleeve done and attached.  Well, I either have misplaced the rest of the blue for the stripes, or I've run out of it.  Yes, I had enough when I made the sweater the first time around, but it was a different style, with raglan sleeves, and thus used less of it (the stripes are around armhole level).  So yeah, I'll have to look around later and see if I can find any more of it.  If not, I'll pick up a skein of either a darker blue that's different enough that it looks complimentary but doesn't look like I'm trying to match and failing, or maybe a darker grey.  I can't get the original blue because Wildflower's been discontinued, and because I bought the yarn years ago and wouldn't be able to get the same dye lot.  Hopefully I can get into John Lewis tomorrow or over the weekend so I can finish this sweater.  In the meantime, I'll move on to the next project: a swatch for the Sherwood sweater for K.

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