20 February 2011

Kieran's Mass Commentary

During Mass today, Kieran seemed to want to give a running commentary of things.  The commentary part started at the end of the bidding prayers, when we're instructed to pray silently.  Well, he very loudly proclaimed "I pray! I pray!".

It is at the Consecration and afterwards that he gives the most commentary, though, and today was no exception.  He kept proclaiming about how the Body of Christ was there.  At the ringing of the bells at the Elevation, he exclaimed "Uh oh, it's Jesus!" while I tried not to laugh.  When an EMHC went to get the ciborium, Kieran was there to let everyone know the EMHC was getting the Body of Christ.  I have to admit that I'm amused by his commentary and proud of him for his faith and knowledge, though maybe I should be better at reminding him to whisper, while letting him know he can still be excited by what's happening.  And really, we should be excited by the Mass, if we think about what's happening.  It's truly amazing to be present with Jesus in that way.

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