26 February 2013

Score Another for Experience and Intuition

When I look at Leo, I am incredibly thankful for our past experiences in parenting, for I believe those experiences have helped us follow our intuition with him. Experience told me he wasn't nursing correctly. Intuition told me there was something wrong even when two doctors told me otherwise, and his tongue tie was clipped. The experience of Charlotte's intolerance to bovine protein allowed us to quickly spot Leo's intolerance to bovine protein.

Most of all, our past experience and intuition told us something was very wrong and led to Leo being diagnosed with gallstones. We were in tune enough with him to figure out that, in addition to bovine protein, he also cannot tolerate soy (including soy lecithin), tomato, alcohol, or anything fatty (even good fats like avocado and nuts, though I still eat those in small amounts).

Recently he had another ultrasound to check on the stones and see if the medication was helping. It isn't. We don't know the next step yet, as we don't meet with the specialist again for another week or so. Since the meds haven't caused any improvement, I am thankful we've followed our intuition about restricting my diet, as otherwise I think Leo would be in much worse shape. Likely he'd be projectile vomiting more frequently and forcefully, as well as screaming a lot more. As it is, he's generally happy, though he does still have pained screams on a daily basis (worse if he's burned through his hazelwood necklace - he goes through them quickly, but they help a lot). But he is rolling, scooting, and trying to sit unassisted, so obviously he's not being hampered by it, thank God. I also thank God that we knew something was truly wrong and acted on it quickly, and that our doctor listened to us. I don't know what the future holds, but so far our intuition has been a Godsend.

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