9 February 2013


A couple of days ago I actually managed to read the paper over breakfast. As I read an article about a new restaurant in town, I found myself ranting in disgust. Why? Because this article mentioned little regarding food, focusing instead on the skimpy, suggestive attire of the waitresses. The article called restaurants such as Tilted Kilt and Hooters "breasteraunts" because of the focus on the waitresses' looks.

My first argument was with a professor quoted in the article, who said leering at women was no longer socially acceptable in public, and so specific venues have been created for it. Considering how commonplace it is for women to be cat-called, ogled, etc in public, I'm not sure I'd say it's no longer socially acceptable. I wish it weren't, though. More than that, though, we obviously haven't done a good job of demanding respect as women when we still have this so openly. I don't mean to sound prudish, but I don't want to be ogled and only noticed/judged for my body.

Then I was ranting because society obviously has no problem with breasteraunts, but breastfeeding mums are often ridiculed and told to move or cover themselves. Wearing something to flaunt my figure would be fine, but showing just a bit of cleavage when I feed my son is not, it seems. (Thankfully I haven't had negative comments with him yet, but I always wonder if I will, especially since he often has to pop off and fix his latch). Something needs to change, so breastfeeding in public doesn't raise a fuss, and women are respected for themselves, not just judged by appearances.

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