25 February 2013

Book Nook: Knights, Nobles, and Knaves

On our last library trip, Kieran decided he wanted a book about dragons. He asked the librarian where such books would be, and we set off to the call number he specified. We didn't find a book just about dragons, but I saw The Big Book of Knights, Nobles, and Knaves by Alissa Heyman. I told him knights sometimes fought dragons, so we took the book home. It is filled with stories from Arthurian legend, among other stories, and yes, there's even a dragon. We've loved reading the stories together. I'd read and enjoyed most of the stories before, so having the opportunity to share them with my children and see them love the stories too was priceless. I might need to own this book. After all, you're never too young for Arthurian legend.

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