6 January 2013

Over a Month Later

And I'm fairly used to my dietary changes. I miss cheese occasionally, but I really think I feel better overall now that I'm not eating dairy. I find that I crave fish more, but that's fine. My only meats are chicken and turkey (if you knew me before I fell pregnant with Charlotte, you're laughing now, since I used to avoid chicken like the plague and didn't eat it for years). I hope I can find some tuna that is soy-free soon, too, as tuna salad with avocado instead of mayo is quite tasty.

I've also discovered the wonder of Earth Balance soy-free, so I don't miss butter quite as much. Thanks to that, I can make delicious melt-in-your-mouth vegan pancakes.

I really find that I'm eating a lot healthier. I can't eat most processed foods, which helps. I have been putting oats in more things, like banana muffins, though I have an ulterior motive for that. I eat a lot more spinach and other greens (mmm, kale chips), and I've started making smoothies. For some reason I've never really liked eating fruit and veg on their own, with some exceptions, but smoothies are great. I think I'll start using coconut water in them, too. So while it can sometimes be annoying finding things I can eat, overall I think it's helped both Leo and me.

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