17 January 2013

Crafty Thursday

Early in my pregnancy with Charlotte, a friend made me a mei tai. I wasn't confident in my sewing abilities and was quite nauseated, so I was grateful to her for making it. The end result was a beautiful, professional-looking, sturdy mei tai that even included interchangeable panels so I could change the look at any time. I often forget to do that, but I like having the option.

Fast forward to now, when I am fairly confident in my sewing skills. I decided to make a mei tai, so I asked my friend what pattern she used. She gave me a site with a tutorial, but said she didn't follow it completely. So I looked at the site and my own mi tai and got the measurements I needed. Then I went to JoAnn's to get fabric, thread, and hook and loop tape. I decided on purple for the main colour and then found some precut quilting squares in complimentary colours for the panels.

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