19 January 2013

March For Life

Today found us in St Augustine, FL for the annual March For Life. Having attended last year, we'd learned that we needed to arrive earlier to park anywhere close, and that the kids wouldn't do well staying for the speaker. So we timed it to get there around an hour early, and we still had to park about a block or so down the road. Charlotte had fallen asleep in the car and wasn't quite awake yet; Leo was wide awake, which means he didn't want in the mei tai. So I started out with Charlotte in the mei tai on my back and Leo in my arms, just until Charlotte was more awake. The kids wanted to goby the large cross at the shrine, and I wanted to step in at the shrine of Our Lady of La Leche to pray for a friend whose baby is due.

After that, we were ready for the march. There was a good crowd, and fair weather. The kids wanted to hold signs and were proud of themselves for doing so. By this time, Leo was asleep in the mei tai and Charlotte was intermittently walking and being carried by my husband. We didn't march with a specific parish or group, but we found ourselves close to the Couples for Christ group. One of their members was leading the Rosary, so I stayed close and prayed the Joyful and Sorrowful mysteries with them (that was as far as we got by the time we reached the end of the march).

I only saw one protester, but I didn't see any marchers react with anger. Instead, we kept praying, and I especially prayed for her healing from her anger. Further on, on George Street, some protester had dropped a bunch of clothes hangers in the path of the march. Again, my reaction was one of sadness and prayer. Our goal with pro-life events like this isn't just to stop abortion, but to help ensure a woman doesn't feel like that's the only viable option. I also lament that adoption is so expensive, because I'd bet many more would adopt if it weren't cost prohibitive.

While there was a speaker and food after the march, we chose to go on home. I wouldn't have been able to eat the meal (spaghetti), and the kids were ready to leave. I was glad we were able to participate, though.

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