17 October 2012

Ignatius of Antioch

"Let me be food for the wild beasts, for they are my way to God. I am God’s wheat and shall be ground by their teeth so that I may become Christ’s pure bread." From Ignatius' letter to the Romans

Because St Ignatius of Antioch, Bishop and martyr, is my patron Saint for the year, and today is his feast day, I thought I'd post a little something about him. Tradition holds that he is one of the children whom Jesus blessed.  On his way to his martyrdom, he penned several letters which show his amazing faith and also reveal much about the beliefs and practices of the early Church.  I recommend reading more.


  1. Wow! Didn't know about that tradition! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Our parochial vicar shared that with us in his homily that day!