18 October 2012

Crafty Thursday

This week has been more of the same as far as projects go, but I actually have photos this time.  Here is the diaper stash (ignore the leopard print, as I didn't make those).  I finally timed myself, and it takes me about 30 minutes to sew one of them.  Obviously that doesn't include the time in cutting out and placing the snaps; the snaps probably take about as long as sewing, just because there are 21 snaps that have to be placed before sewing.

Here is a sample of the breastpads I've been making.  I've mostly used scraps, with some being flannel, some knit.  Some have fleece on top, some have it in back; some have PUL backing and some don't.  The hardest part is sewing in a circle!

Mama cloth!  I did some of the bases with PUL in between two pieces of fabric, but then decided to start backing them with fleece instead.  I wanted to make them similar to LunaPads in that the absorbent pad is then put on using some straps on the base.  I used scrap fleece for the straps.  The absorbent pads vary in composition, depending on how absorbent it is, so some are flannel, some are knit, some have fleece on top, some are backed with PUL and some with fleece.  I just zigzagged around the outside and then did some topstitching to make a well, as it were, for more absorbency.  I used snaps on the wings of the bases, too.  I made bases and pads of different lengths and thicknesses, of course, though only the heavy ones are shown here.

Finally, here's Kieran's sweater!  I just need to finish working in ends.  I love the way it turned out.

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