22 June 2012

Feast of Saints John Fisher, Bishop, and Thomas More, Martyr

Today the Church remembers the witness of Saints John Fisher, Bishop (right photo), and Thomas More, Martyr (left photo). Both were martyred by King Henry VIII for refusing to sign the Act of Succession, as they could not in good conscience agree to declare Henry's marriage to Catherine of Aragon null, nor could they accept Henry as the Head of the Church in England.

These men stand out for their willingness to remain firm in their faith and standing for Truth, even when their peers abandoned them and when the penalty was certain death. They serve as a reminder to stand for what is truly important, no matter the cost. I have to say that I love St Thomas More's last words: "I die the King's good servant, but God's first". And it's true. While he may not have answered the way the King wanted, he did serve the King well by telling him the truth, instead of being a sycophant. Sts. John Fisher and Thomas More, pray for us.

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