28 June 2012

Crafty Thursday

I've been on a sewing rampage this week, it seems.  I'd had one more shirt tucked away that I wanted to turn into a maternity dress, and I finally went to get the material.  I wanted this one to be shorter, but got the same amount of material (it was half off!), so I would have enough to make a skirt, too.  I must apologise for the poor quality of the photos.  I have no idea what keeps happening to our camera, but I couldn't find it today.  I ended up using a different shirt than I'd intended.  This one was a maternity t-shirt that I cut off just below the bust.  The dress falls to just below the knees, and it's perfect in this hot weather.

As it turns out, when I got down to measuring for a tiered maternity skirt, I didn't have quite enough of the turquoise material.  However, I still had enough of the black and white material for the middle tier, and that left me with more than enough of the turquoise for the rest of the skirt.  I just have to get the elastic and finish the top.

What actually started the sewing rampage was my daughter's insistence that I make her a fairy costume.  My mother and I had taken her to Joann's with us when we were looking for other things.  Mom and Charlotte spent a lot of time looking at the patterns, as Charlotte saw the fairy costume pattern and didn't want to leave.  I then went back to Joann's another day and got out the pattern with the intention of getting the materials needed.  However, the pattern was rather confusing for me.  I chalked it up to me being a bit of a novice still until the lady who cuts the cloth also couldn't easily understand it.  She did tell me how I could alter it, but I'm not quite that confident yet.  Instead, I had an epiphany that I could find a onesie or leotard and then make a fairy skirt and get some wings.  I found a onesie, and then my mom reminded me that I still had a tiered skirt that I'd made for Charlotte but that needed altering (I'd actually cut it down from one of my skirts).  So I cut out some triangles and zigzagged the edges.  I still need to get the elastic. I think I'll get some chiffon for underneath to make it more flow-y and fairy-like.  And I'll just buy wings.

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