22 May 2012

No Such Thing

When I got pregnant with Kieran, I didn't really have morning sickness until 11 weeks or so, and it was in the afternoons and evenings. I couldn't stand the smell of tomatoes or onions during that time, it once the sickness went away (it got markedly better after 18 weeks, and was gone by 22 weeks), I felt great and coud eat whatever I wanted. I got heartburn from everything, but I wasn't nauseated. I wasn't fond of chocolate, but I've never been a chocoholic. I had some intermittent sciatic pain, but stayed active with walking everywhere and doing Pilates. I had no stretch marks, and carried low. I figured this was just my typical pregnancy, and I prepared myself for my next pregnancy to be similar.

Then I fell pregnant with Charlotte, and I learnt that there was no such thing as a typical pregnancy for a particular person. The queasiness with her started before the two-week-wait was finished. By 6 weeks, I couldn't even eat crackers. Tomatoes sounded and smelled ok, but made me feel absolutely horrendous for about 24 hours. I didn't have heartburn, but did have constant nausea for most of the pregnancy. That only abated between 22-30 weeks, when it returned until I gave birth. I didn't have sciatic pain, but I'd have foot and leg cramps. While I still carried pretty low, I carried her higher than Kieran, and I had lots of stretch marks and got a lot bigger with her. I think I was the same size at 30 weeks with her as I was at 40 weeks with Kieran. Realising that there was no one typical pregnancy for a person, I then assumed hat my first pregnancy was just a typical boy pregnancy for me, and the next a typical girl pregnancy.

Well, then I fell pregnant with this one, and this pregnancy is unlike either of my previous pregnancies, so there goes that idea. Evidently there is no such thing as a typical pregnancy at all, at least not for me. I had nausea early, but not as bad as with Charlotte, and taking B12 made it so much better. I don't want tomatoes, but do want pickles. I have actual food cravings. I have some heartburn, but nothing bad. Some sciatic pain, but again nothing bad. It will bei there sting to see how the rest of the pregnancy goes.


  1. I hope that the pregnancy continues to go smoothly! :-) Can't wait to "meet" that little one!

  2. My last 2 pregnancies were so easy I would panic! no morning sickness, no anything sickness...not even a lack of energy...It was soooo unusual b/c my first 6 pregancie were the pits!!! even the thought of coffee would make me sick....I had 8 healthy babies... yes,every pregnancy is different!!

  3. Eep!! I didn't know you were pregnant again, congratulations!! It was similar with me and my two - with Kieran I didn't have a ton of morning sickness, with Ailia I was so ill that I lost over 15 lbs in my first trimester!
    Wishing you a healthy and peaceful pregnancy :)

    1. Thanks! I didn't weigh myself with my other pregnancies, so no idea how much I gained/lost at any time, but I think I just about managed to hold my own in the first trimester with Charlotte.