28 May 2012

Book Nook

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On our latest trip to the library, we were all able to go as a family.  I get a little irritated that the library has a play area right in the midst of the children's books, as then the children don't look for books, to be honest.  So they gravitated towards the toys, and my husband and I looked at books to see if we could find some they would like.  My husband found The Chocolate Cat by Sue Stainton and thought it looked like something they'd like, so we checked it out.

I'm glad he found it!  It's a very nice story, and the children love it.  The chocolate cat, it turns out, is a cat who lives in a chocolate shop.  Both the chocolate shop owner and the cat are loners who don't much care for the other villagers, until the chocolate shop owner makes a special, perhaps even magical, treat that changes the entire village for the better.

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