8 December 2011

Crafty Thursday

Well, I still can't find the camera, so the photos aren't the best.  I've been quite busy this week, though.  First, I finally sewed the buttons on Charlotte's tunic sweater.  I really love how it's turned out and can't wait for her to wear it.

I also finished Kieran's Twisted Tree sweater.  I had to bind off the neck twice because I forgot to do a stretchy bind-off the first time.  So I redid that part and tried it on Kieran to make sure it fit, and it's perfect.  I'd altered it so that I used the width for the smaller size and the longer length, seeing as he's tall and slender.  I think it worked out really well.

Last night I started working on a Guernsey sweater.  Since we'll be traveling over Christmas, I wasn't sure I'd be able to finish it in time if I did it completely by hand, so I did the hem by hand and then put it on the old Brother knitting machine.  It only gets one gauge, and can't do things other than stockinette, but it works for what I need for now.

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