19 April 2012

Crafty Thursday

Well, I'm still plugging away on my sweater.  I think I have about 3 more pattern repeats before the garter stitch edging.  I've decided on just doing cap sleeves instead of long sleeves, as then I can wear it longer.  I can always put a long-sleeved shirt on under it when it gets colder.  Ignore the purple, pink, and red threads.  I'd had the purple one there from when I was trying it on to ensure the ribbed part was long enough; the other threads are holding the sleeve stitches.

Ages ago, I found this wrap skirt.  It never quite fit the way I wanted, but I hung on to it for some reason.  Well, I had the brilliant idea that I'd turn it into a shirt.  I figured it couldn't be too difficult, just use an existing shirt as a template and voila: new shirt.  Well, it would've been that simple, had I used the right shirt as a template.  I made the mistake of using a stretchy shirt for the template, when the skirt material is not stretchy.  So yeah, didn't work out.  However, with just a little more work, it'll make a nice dress for Charlotte, so hopefully I can do that.

And finally, I pulled out some ribbon yarns, just for fun.  I found this black/white/grey/gold sparkly one, and decided to try making a scarf with it.  I wanted it narrower than the pattern, just for my personal preference. I think it's turning out nicely.

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