15 July 2013

Book Nook: Saint George and the Dragon

As you may have noticed, Kieran is fond of dragons of late, due in large part to The Hobbit. Thus every trip to the library has meant searching for dragon books.  Lately I've taken to looking on the library catalogue before we go and placing the books on hold to make the search easier.  Doing this helped me to find Saint George and the Dragon retold by Margaret Hodges after Edmund Spencer's The Faerie Queen.  I'd hoped to come across a children's book with St George's story in it, so I was thrilled.  Hodges presents the story very well, and the illustrations are beautiful.


  1. We own a copy of that book. It is Ezra's all time favourite. Even though it's quite long and wordy, he has happily sat and listened to the whole thing since he was about 2. It's a fab book. :)

    1. Any other book recommendations? I'm always looking for good books.