3 April 2013

What Would I Do?

There have been many times when I've wondered what on earth I'd do if I couldn't breastfeed Leo. Besides the emotional wreck I'd be, how could I find something he could eat without problems? He can't have bovine protein, which rules out most formulae. He also can't tolerate soy, even soy lecithin, so there go more formula options. Anything really fatty is also out, thanks to the gallstones. Any formula that meets the criteria, if there is one, is bound to be expensive and therefore out of reach for me.

Some give recipes for homemade formula, but I would run into the same problems since most recipes call for raw cow's milk. Others call for goat milk, but he can't tolerate me having that, either.

I don't even know how much donor milk would be an option given the dietary changes I've had to make. That would be my first choice, though, if I couldn't breastfeed. Maybe I'd find someone who was at least avoiding bovine proteins, since those bother him the most.

I know there are some who can't breastfeed for some reason, and I feel for them. I've certainly had problems feeding Leo due to his tongue and lip ties, which have all been clipped. I've had people commend me for sticking with it and changing my diet, but to me it doesn't seem extraordinary. I've simply done what had to be done to continue breastfeeding. What else could I do?


  1. Breastfeeding is important but it's also good to know there are options if you ever need any. I love researching these kinds of things so I thought I'd let you know what I found. It sounds like Leo has a protein sensitivity and there are formulas that do not have milk or soy proteins. These are some that I found:



    1. It isn't just protein intolerance, though, or else soy oil and soy lecithin would be ok, while they aren't. That would rule out the Similac one, which also has casein. The other says veg oil, which is often soy, so I don't know. It's also cost-prohibitive for me. Thankfully we're making breastfeeding work, though it's been a struggle.

    2. I do appreciate you looking, though. :-) I thank God we've had the ties revised so Leo can physically nurse, and I feel breastfeeding him, with my dietary changes, has played a huge role in his gallstones not being much of an issue.